How Do You Design an Ecosystem that Uses a Problem’s Strength Against Itself?

Here’s one  example of an

ecosystem which has been implemented.

But first, keep something in mind.

An ecosystem, properly designed, is about using our freedoms responsibly.

Not irresponsibly. Let me quantify irresposibility. When you create an external diseconomy. That’s Irresponsible.

Listen. Creation of an ecosystem is social engineering. Which is something we do now. Its something we’ve been doing since history began. There was no social engineering before that.

Good social engineering involves the Design of Ecosystems to eliminate external diseconomies.


What do we do?

So, here’s your example. This is not the only way. One approach.

Tax cigarette purchases.

Use tax to fund smoking awareness.

Don’t like it, design something else.

Post it here.

What’s the external diseconomy? Anybody want to make a guess? That’s right.

Health care costs. Higher health care costs for Everyone of us.






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